Wouter Tulp – Plein Air Painting

I tell stories…

A succesful drawing tells a story. I always ask myself : What is it I want to tell with this drawing, and how can I be as clear as possible. Every element in the drawing should be supporting the story.
There is a story in a traditional portrait, a children’s book illustration, as well as a cartoon character or a background design for an animation.
Over the years I told many stories in magazines, books, commercials and animations.


I have been working professionally since 2001.  I have worked in many fields of illustration and gained a lot of knowledge about drawing and painting techniques and working for clients. I love to share that knowledge, teach and inspire people, and help them improve their art. From time to time I step on stage to give lectures or workshops, and I teach online. http://www.woutertulp.nl/

During the TRAC2018, Wouter will guide a Plein Air painting session in the city centre of Leeuwarden. All materials and supplies will be sponsored by the Fine Art Collective.

Signing up for the sessions can be done here.