Nicks Willems – Woodburning

Woodburning art as performed by Nick Willems from the Netherlands is unique in the world. Nick is privileged with a pure and open soul which allows him to translate his emotions, thoughts and feeling  woodburn art.  Willems is trained professionally in expressing himself in art. He studied at the ArtEZ Academy in Zwolle and graduated at the Klassieke Academie voor Schilderkunst in Groningen.

Willems spends most his time and attention in creating woodburn art inspired by his own life. Recently he also decided – as there are some interesting requests – to put his skill to work in making specific woodburn art on request.

“Once in a while you are stunned with absolute beauty. The magic of empowerment and imagination. Something totally different than a decently produced image, but a world of its own. This is what I encountered when Nick showed me his work. The transformation of plywood to a real ‘skin’. Warm and light, but using the most aggressive types of tools: a flame and a soldering iron. If you linger a bit too long on one place with the tool, then all is lost. Patience, concentration and a burning love: that’s the essence.” Ruud de Rode – Artist.

Nick will show his work and the process of it during the first day of the conference.