Joseph Bravo

Joseph Bravo is an independent curator and arts writer.

With a masters degree in art history and over twenty five years working in museums and as a university art history instructor, Bravo brings unique insights to the interpretation and contextualization of fine art. After initially working in the Classical and Egyptian antiquities department, he went on to curate Oceanic art and specialize in matters related to Art and Otherness theory. For the last decade and a half, Bravo has focused his attention on issues in contemporary art, particularly those relating to the dynamics of the creation of art canon and the inclusion of marginalized aesthetic optics. In the course of these efforts, he has been an ardent advocate for various forms of contemporary figurative realism. Bravo has been a lifelong student of the metaphysics of art as well as of its semiotics and esoteric iconography. Whether as a museum curator or director, a university instructor or independent scholar and theorist, Bravo has made it his life’s pursuit to share the intrinsic value and illuminating power of fine art with anyone who would aspire to perceive it.