Henk Helmantel – Still life Painting

Henk Helmantel - TRAC 2018 The representational art conference

Henk Helmantel is a painter of the 21th century. He gets his inspiration from the work of illustrious predecessors, he likes to paint old objects with a “past”; his work was created by a painter who had his education and training in the 20th century.

His work is widely appreciated in broad circles and internationally. A highlight was an exhibition in 1997 in Taiwan, where 100 works from his own collection were exhibited in a beautiful museum. There were also exhibitions in the USA, in Germany, Tsechië, Malaysia, England, France and Indonesia. His work in the Netherlands was shown in the Singermuseum, the Drents Museum and the monastery museum in Ter Apel.

Henk also teaches first and second year master students at The Classical Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen, The Netherlands.

The year 2018 promises to be a special year for Henk and Babs Helmantel. There will be no less than three exhibitions of Henk’s work. One in Taiwan and two in the Netherlands. On January 23 2018, the opening will take place at the Chimei Museum in the city of Tainan. On February 4th 2018 at the More in Gorssel Museum. On February 24, 2018 in Museum Gouda.

Each year, thousands of people travel to Westeremden in the summer to enjoy the Helmantel Museum in the beautiful Weem, the surrounding gardens, the old Andreas Church and the exhibited work from his own collection. Paintings made by a painter who still believes in beauty as an essential goal of his work with brush, palette knife and oil paint.

During The Representational Art Conference / TRAC 2018, Henk Helmantel will give a demonstration about ‘How to start a painting’.