Carl Korsnes – Kitsch and the Self – The Virtues of a Limited Voice

Carl Korsnes is a philosopher from Norway.

His philosophical writings concentrate around aesthetics, philosophy of mathematics, phenomenology, and existentialism. Korsnes’ writings have been translated into Russian and English, published in various philosophical journals, and presented at conferences such as World Congress of Philosophy and TRAC 2014.

Within aesthetics, he considers Odd Nerdrum’s kitsch philosophy a pragmatic revival of the Greco-Roman values within aesthetics. Korsnes wrote the introduction to Odd Nerdrum’s 2017 book Making Painting Great Again.

Currently, he is on the editorial board for the Norwegian philosophy journal Filosofisk supplement and attends courses in Classical Architecture through Institute for Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA).

He has his Master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Oslo, where his thesis on philosophy of mathematics and phenomenology was awarded the Master’s scholarship from Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature. He has a double Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from West Chester University of PA, where he in 2014 received the university’s Top Scholar Award and the Excellence in Student Research Award.

Kitsch and the Self – The Virtues of a Limited Voice