Art competition

And the results of the TRAC2018 art competition are known!! For all participants: thank you very much for participating in the competition and keep an eye on your inbox for more interesting information!

Since there were 2 artists who had two works in the top 10, we decided to select 2 extra winners to come up with 10 different artists for the exhibition. However, there turned out to be a shared tenth place, so we made another exception: there will be 13 works on display!

The 10 winners were chosen by our Jury Peter TrippiTom HagemanRein Pol en Xandra Donders to exhibit their work during the conference.  After the conference the work will be exhibited in the Frisian Gallery, Leeuwarden, as a part of the 'Classical Art Exhibition' till June 24th. 





Editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur - Peter Trippi

Peter Trippi is editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur, the magazine that serves collectors of historical and contemporary representational art.  He is also president of Projects in 19th-Century Art, a firm he established to pursue research, writing, and curating opportunities. Previously he served as director of the Dahesh Museum of Art (New York) and vice director for development at the Brooklyn Museum.  In 2016 Trippi co-curated an exhibition about the Dutch-born, London-based painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema, who lived from 1836 to 1912.  That project opened at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, Holland, then traveled to Vienna’s Belvedere Museum and London’s Leighton House Museum.  In 2008-10, Trippi co-curated the international touring exhibition J.W. Waterhouse: The Modern Pre-Raphaelite. Peter also advised the curators of the exhibition ‘The American Dream’, that is currently being shown at both the Drents Museum (Assen, Netherlands) and the Kunsthalle Emden (Germany).

Figurative Painter - Rein Pol (self portrait)

Rein Pol was born in Groningen in 1949. Pol was trained at the Groningen Acadamy of Arts "Minerva" (1971-1976). He was coached by Kraaypoel, Muller, Röling and Siks among others. Two years after graduating he got a position as a teacher in painting at that same academy. Pol taught at Minerva for almost 15 years. Rein is a professional artist since 1976. He always has a sharp eye for the expressiveness of the apparently insignificant detail. Each subject painted by Pol is represented in a clear, harmonic composition with particular attention to light, expression of matter, space- and colour effect. The paintings are not meant to copy the reality around us, but as a representation of his own reality! Rein had many exhibitions in the Netherlands.  Abroad Pol had exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland and Indonesia. With the so-called Zwiggelte-Group in France, the United States, Canada and Australia.


President of Classical Academy of Fine Arts Groningen & initiator of TRAC2018 - Tom Hageman

Tom Hageman - In the seventies and eighties Hageman teaches at the Academy Minerva and becomes active as chairman for the National Association for Visual Arts. In the beginning of the nineties Hageman becomes an artist in residence and teacher at the Prague Academy for Visual Arts (Czechoslovakia) and travels in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Ukraine. Here he was inspired to develop the series, “The Imaginary City of Prague”. In the latter part of the nineties Hageman becomes an artist in residence in Belgium where he worked on his series etchings. In 2003 Hageman becomes an artist in residence in Spain where he worked on his series, “The Panorama of Callosa en Sarria.” In 2005 he founded the ‘Classical Academy of fine art’ in Groningen. Later series are: ‘The 5 senses’, ‘The 7 deadly sins’ and ‘the lustlife of Zeus’


  • Entrants for the art competition must be over the age of 18 to enter.
  • Artwork must be representational in nature.
  • The entry fee is 30 euro.
  • Artist may enter a maximum of two works.
  • How to enter the competition: Fill in the form below. Upload 1 of 2 of your finest works. A maximum of 2000x3000pixels (or 3000x2000) and maximum 8MB in size.
  • How to pay: After pressing the submit button, you will be redirected to the payment page. The 30 euro entry fee can be paid with Paypal, CreditCard or iDeal (dutch)
  • CalendarSubmit work online by March 24, 2018. The winner will be announced on March 30rd, 2018. Artwork will be shown during TRAC2018; May 1-4, 2018 and the Classical Art Exhibition from May 5 til June 24.
  • TransportationYou will receive an exact address where to ship after your artwork is accepted. Shipping requirements are as follows: Artists are responsible for all shipping arrangements and expenses. Round-trip shipping expenses must be prepaid. Those entries sent collect will not be accepted. All artwork must be packed in a reusable container, and all packing material must be sufficient for safe return. Crates must be clearly and properly labeled for return shipment. All images must remain for the entire duration of the exhibition.
  • Accepted Entry Criteria. With exception to size, your final work must be an unmodified version of the juried digital submission. Please use industry accepted matting and framing techniques; works must be ready to hang when received. Please affix an identification label to the rear top left corner of the finished work.  The visible label must include:  Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Title and if applicable Selling Price.
  • Liability. The Representational Art Conference and the WTC/Westcord Hotel will exercise the best possible care in the handling of your submissions. But, neither shall be responsible for loss or damage of your submission due to fire, theft, vandalism, or any other cause. Entries submitted constitute agreement to the conditions set forth in this prospectus.