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TRAC 2018 activities

Lectures by renowned artists, art historians, art dealers, etc. See: speakers and artists

Demonstrations and Masterclasses See: speakers and artists

Plein Air Painting: The historic center of Leeuwarden is exceptionally picturesque. That is why the Classical Academy is organizing a program of plein air painting for TRAC participants during the conference. You won’t have to bring your own materials because they will be supplied by our sponsor: The Fine Art Collective.

The Fine Art Collective would like to know in advance how many materials are needed, so if you are interested in participating, please register here.

Graphic Centre Friesland: Demonstrations of graphic techniques offered between 14.00 and 19.00h on the following days:

  • Tuesday May 1: Lithography, Minno Banning
  • Wednesday May 2: Woodcut (reduction technique), Siemen Dijkstra
  • Thursday May 3: etching, Reinder Homan
  • Friday May 4: independent work



Classical Academy: 1 May – 24 June, Achmea’s gallery will contain an exhibition of contemporary representational art from the north of the Netherlands: ‘Classical Art’

AKKA: Association of Alumni of the Classical Academy: 1 – 27 May: Presentations throughout the city of Leeuwarden

Fries Museum, Leeuwarden:  ‘Escher’s Journey’  An exhibition of Maurits Escher (1898–1972), master of perspective and optical illusion. Visitors will meet Escher the person, and walk in his footsteps. This exhibition is designed as a three-dimensional biography: it will truly feel as if you have entered Escher’s headspace.

Groninger Museum, Groningen:Romanticism in the North: From Friedrich to Turner,’ the first international exhibition surveying northern European Romantic landscape painting. Dramatic scenes of raging seas, imposing mountains and erupting volcanoes will alternate with quiet moonlit nights and peaceful fields where lonely figures pause to rest. Come discover more than 95 magnificent works from the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, and Great Britain.

Drents Museum, Assen (Netherlands) / Kunsthalle Emden (Germany):
‘The American Dream – American Realism 1945 – 2017’
 is one exhibition presented at two venues…
The Drents Museum (Assen, Netherlands) and the Kunsthalle Emden (Emden, Germany) are presenting a spectacular overview of American Realism with work by such artists as Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Andrew Wyeth, Alice Neel, Roy Lichtenstein, Stone Roberts, Alex Katz, and Chuck Close. This two-part exhibition is on view concurrently in Assen and Emden. In total, there are more than 200 works of art spread between the two museums. The Drents Museum focuses on the period 1945–1965, while the Kunsthalle Emden features works from 1965 to the present. Never before has such a comprehensive overview of American Realism been mounted in Europe.

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Special offers

Special Offers 

“Prix de Norvège –  making good artists better”
Louis XIV founded the Academie Royale de peinture et sculpture in 1648. The crowning point of a student’s education was to win a scholarship to continue his education in Rome: the Prix de RomeThis example is followed by the Norse Dutchman, Egbert Pijfers, with the Prix de Norvège: two students of the Classical Academy (Groningen) are able to find inspiration in the Norwegian fjords each year.

On the occasion of TRAC2018, the foundation Prix de Norvège will expand this offering to two additional artists  graduating somewhere else in the world. Art schools everywhere are invited to submit nominations, from which a jury will choose the winners. This will be explained in greater detail during TRAC2018.

Lottery Geurt Busser – Geurt Busser is a painter of the Wadden Sea. With his ship ‘Johanna’, an old shrimp cutter, he has been sailing the Wadden for dozens of years to make watercolors in and around this area of outstanding natural beauty. On the occasion of TRAC2018, Busser will invite 5 participants to accompany him for a trip on the Wadden Sea on 5 May.

However, Busser does not know who to choose for this honor. For this reason, TRAC2018 has devised a lottery: applicants will write their personal information on a special card during the welcoming events on 1 May. From these cards, 5 winners shall be drawn during the farewell dinner on 4 May. This experience has been made possible by the organizing foundation ‘Classical Salon’.

Aditional programs

Additional programs

Cultural Capital 2018 – Leeuwarden: For information about what is happening in the city, see Cultural Capital Leeuwarden 

Painting at Sea – Between the Frisian islands and coast lies a unique sea: the Wadden Sea dries up during low tide and fills with saltwater during flood tide. Sailing this sea on the ship ‘Mars’, which belongs to artists and is equipped for painting trips, is an exceptional experience.

Sail aboard Mars before TRAC2018:   A special artists’ trip on the Wadden Sea will occur 24-30 April. The ship will depart and return to the Frisian port of Harlingen. Price: € 470 covers all meals and drinks during the meals.  This trip will offer an interesting mix of Dutch and international painters. We will board the ship on Tuesday evening, 24 April at 20:00 and sail until Sunday, 30 April.  We may even extend the voyage until Monday morning, 1 May. This trip can occur only with at least 17 participants.

Sail aboard Mars after TRAC2018: There will be a sailing weekend to the island of Terschelling (4-6 May).  Anyone can apply for this trip, not only artists.  Price: € 220 covers bed linen, 2x breakfast and lunch, a 2-course dinner on Saturday, and drinks during the meals.  Guests will board on Friday evening,  4 May after 20:00 in Harlingen (Nieuwe Willemshaven, near the train station of Harlingen Haven). The trip will end on Sunday afternoon,  6 May at around 15:00.  This trip can occur only with at least 17 participants.

Reservations and payments must be made well in advance.

For registration, please visit